Tuesday, December 7, 2010

It's official. blog fail.

I can't believe how bad we are at blogging! Looks like the last time we updated was around circa 1973 (a.d). Tons has happened since then!!

Owen is now driving and dating and has a job at the local 5 and dime. That previous sentence was exaggeration for dramatic effect. He's getting so big so fast. He'll be 1 year old in 2 days and it seems like just yesterday that we were at the hospital and I was almost fainting. He started crawling (full-on) in September and we could hardly keep up with him. He started walking the day before Thanksgiving. Now we don't know what we're going to do.

He has the cutest little personality, laughs at everything and makes us laugh while he's at it. On the flip side to that he's as stubborn as a mule sometimes. He refuses to be manipulated (moving his hands and stuff) or rocked to sleep. He wants to do everything on his own. He won't even cuddle with us unless he's super tired. We're starting to see a lot of physical and personality traits that he gets from his parents. We like him. Here's a little video of him learning to walk:

Let's see... what else? Oh yeah, birthdays! I turned 33 and Michelle turned 28 in September. We made some cake. We have been watching tons of food network lately and thought we'd try our hands at some cake decorating with fondant and stuff. They were a moderate success (we think). The star cake was for my b-day and the other one was a combo for Michelle and Brandon. Your opinions?

Hmmm.. oh, Holidays! Halloween happened. I went as a pirate and Owen was a monkey! we went to the ward Halloween party and that was about all for that. Owen was adorable in his little monkey costume (that we bought on clearance a few months before he was even born).

Then there was Thanksgiving! We are so thankful for all of the MANY blessings we have. Most especially, we are thankful for our family and friends.

Owen is thankful for Uncle Brandon and turkey.

We'll try to do better from now on about being more up-to-date with our blog posts. For now, these are the highlights of the last few months. Next time we post, hopefully we won't already be grandparents.

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  1. I nominate that video for a grammy (or an oscar if you like)