Sunday, April 4, 2010

What a week!

Yep, that's a hospital bed holding my baby. We had quite the adventure this week when Owen went from a tiny cold to Pneumonia in a few days. I was trying to set a record with amount of Dr. visits in a week. I did pretty good with four in three days and then we were admitted to the hospital. Poor Owen was in respiratory distress. The Dr. wasn't sure what he had other than a random virus that turns into sinus infections, ear infections. and then pneumonia. Our last appointment before the hospital Owen had double ear infections, bad congestion and pneumonia. So we spent two nights in the hospital with breathing treatments and major anti-biotics. He was released on Friday morning and he is doing lots better but he still has a cough. We are glad the worst is over and he is feeling better. We have been so blessed and are so greatful that our sweet little guy is ok. He looked so tiny in that big bed.
They had to give him an IV and that was painful for me to watch. He was so tough.

He is such a good kid. He wasn't himself but he was still really calm. He would be fussy and then suddenly stop and focus on something else.

Just chillin'
He loves his daddy!

Playing with his new ducky.

Getting ready to go home.
Before we went to the hospital we had some adventures with family. One of my brothers came to Utah for a visit so we were able to go to Salt Lake for a quick trip. We went swimming in Lehi at the coolest pool ever. The kids loved it and Owen got to go swimming for the first time. Luckily cousin George was there with us. It was his first time swimming too.
Grandpa sleeping after our big day swimming. He was supposed to be keeping Owen happy.

The boys swimming. They were pretty quiet the whole time but at least they weren't freaking out.

The boys getting ready to have fun!

Hanging out at home. I tortured him and put his bear hat on. He hates hats!! The second I put them on him he freaks. I still have to do it, I'm his mom. And he looks so cute!!

Tired little guy. He was sick but the only way we could tell was he was sleeping... he doesn't do that normally:)

Hanging out with daddy after he sprained his ankle.

Laughing with Mommy

Our best buddy Keaton left on his mission. We are so excited for him to go to Mexico and learn to love it like we do.

Way tired...


  1. It's so sad to see such a cutie so sick! I hope he recovers quickly!!

  2. He is feeling much better now:) poor little guy. He's back to being happy!!