Saturday, August 7, 2010

How to tell if you need to blog more forget how to log in!! Great!! Things have been busy around here but not that busy. I'm a slacker!! This summer has been busy with trips and fun things. I'm not good at blogging(obviously) so the pictures are loaded backwards. We had a really fun family reunion over the fourth of July camping at Downata Hot Springs. It was pretty perfect for our family. The kids just ran around like crazy and went swimming and the adults were a little more calm but not much:) It was nice to get together for a few days. My brother Doug was able to bless his daughter the same weekend so it was a good combination of events.

This is Owen hanging at the park for his cousin Raegan's birthday.
His new trick lately is to try and tip over the laundry basket. He is a tough little buggar.

Grandpa hanging with Liza and Rachel at Doug's house.
Cute cousins Brynlee, Addison, and Macey.
Eric and George.
Nathan loved baby Holland.
Camping is never good for pictures but for some reason we don't take pictures together anymore. All of the cousins after a few days in the wilderness.
Somebody loves camping.
George and Owen hanging out.
Olivia, Macey, Emma, and Abbrielle.
Owen and daddy:) Owen is getting big but not feeling like crawling or really rolling over. We have known for months that he can roll if he wants to but he never really wants to. Stubborn little guy. He is starting to look more like Barrett every day and he is so dang funny. His latest trick is to squeal. And he is good at it!! After his nap he will just lay in bed and squeal. So funny. We are just loving life and hoping to survive the summer. It's looking good so far. A few more road trips and then we will be stuck for the winter. Good thing we have a cute kid to entertain us:)