Monday, March 8, 2010

A few weeks ago we met up with my sister Ann at my brother Andy's house and had a house full of crazy kids. Owen got to hang out with his cousins and meet his cousin George. He's only a month and a half older than Owen. It was lots of fun and more than a little nuts. I'm pretty sure there is a reason that Barrett still needs ear plugs around my family!! We didn't do anything too exciting but it's always nice to be around family.

This is our new favorite picture of Owen. He's too cute for his own good:)
Andy's youngest Taizley and George.

Ikea was too exciting for the poor little guy.

Lexie was doing a really good job getting Owen to laugh.

Lizzie keeping Owen happy.

All the crazy kids, Maddie, Taizley, Truman. Samantha, Lizzie, Andyson, George, Lexie, Owen, Abbrielle, Dawson, and Rachel

Lizzie and Owen. I'm pretty sure she loves him!

George and Owen

We switched it up.

Food is always the main event. Rachel, Lizzie, and Andyson.

Abby and Owen
We love our family and are super glad to be close to them. And maybe one day we will get better at updating the blog:) One day...